Team Velocity UK

Raising money through Flight Simulation

Team Velocity UK is a group of friends who raise money for charity by streaming events on Twitch, from a full sized, fixed base Boeing 737-800 Simulator.

Fly and See Santa 2020

We will once again be heading to Lapland to take part in VATSIMs Fly and See Santa event, on the 12th of December 2020. We will be live from 1630z on our Twitch Channel. 

We will be flying on the VATSIM Network using the callsign Neptune 11 Whiskey (NPT11W), check out the tracking map to see where we are! 

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Our Charity - Fly2Help

Fly2help provide 2 programmes using the power of aviation.

Air Smiles Days are experience days for children and adults living with a profound disability, life-limiting conditions, severe illness, bereavement, and isolation. Built around a flight in a light aircraft, the days include activities that enable our beneficiaries to leave their worries on the ground. Creating a lasting memory of a happy day together. Air Smiles days build confidence and offer respite from their usual situation allowing them to see everything from a different perspective.

Aim High is an education programme that helps young people learn about the world of aviation and gain confidence and a belief in themselves. Students learn more about the breadth of career opportunities in the aviation industry and what skills and attributes they would need to find a place and how their career might develop.


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Team Velocity UK consists of 14 members, who over the course of the week fly a Fixed Base 737-800 Simulator around the world on the VATSIM Network for Charity.

About Us

Over the last 4 years Team Velocity as raised over £8,500 for Fly2Help. The Team come from all walks of life, including, but not limited to, Commercial and Private Pilots.

The Simulator

For our Fundraising Events, we are given free of charge usage of Velocity Flight Training's Boeing 737-800 Fixed Base Simulator, we connect it to the VATSIM Network.

Get involved where it matters

Connect with us and make a real difference to the life of those in need.


Your generosity makes Fly2Help's programmes possible, please consider any donation, big or small - It really does have an impact.

Watch us LIVE on Twitch

You can join in with the fun, chat to crew and critique the landings as we stream our events for you Live!

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Meet the Crew

Unfortunately for 2020, due to COVID-19, not all of the team will be physically in attendance. However, they will be in Discord, and answering your questions on the live stream! 

Duncan MacKellar

Dunc is the owner of the Sim we use for WorldFlight, and  also is a Systems Engineer within the Aerospace Sector. Over the summer he has built a suite of tools which will hopefully simplify the WorldFlight Experience for the crew. He can usually be found either fixing the sim or the software! In his spare time he is also a member of the photo team at the Royal International Air Tattoo

Dave Cox

Dave has been working in the aviation industry for an airline for about 16 years. Private Pilot since 2005. He is 33 and lives on the island of Guernsey. Having grown up with aviation he is proud to be part of Team Velocity!

Andrew “Hobby” Hobbs

Hobby has been working in the aviation industry for 9 years. He has had a Private Pilots Licence since 2015. He currently lives on Guernsey, with a passion for aviation and feels very lucky to be part of a fantastic team.

Jen Paszkowski

Jen was born with Jet A1 in her blood stream! Her father introduced her to aircraft at a young age and initially it was all military! But a trip to her local airport turned her to civil aircraft and she loves flying the 737 simulator especially with the team at Velocity!

Kieran Riley

Kieran is 22, and from Staffordshire with a love for flight simulation, he is also a First Responder with a private medical company. He has a rather unfortunate tendency to crash the simulator whenever he is flying it…

Ben Smith

Ben has been a keen VATSIMmer for about 15 years and has been lucky enough to have followed that into a career pressing buttons and occasionally flying aeroplanes. Unfortunately, COVID has given him a premature “sabbatical” from the industry so he is thoroughly looking forward to joining the team for the first time this year, we just hope he will be able to survive without a tray table!!!

Zimbru “Wilson”

Zim is our Mascot for WorldFlight, often found snoozing behind which ever seat Dunc is in, or offering his ball to anyone who looks like they aren’t working hard enough. 

Duncan Jackson

Duncan started flying at an early age through air experience flying and Royal Air Force sponsorship. He went on to instruct private pilots in the Channel Islands before joining a regional airline flying the Dash 8. For 12 years he operated long haul flights on the Boeing 757/767 and 787 Dreamliner.  Recently he moved to the B737 and maintains a training role on this fleet.  Duncan has amassed 20 years experience with over 12000 hours flying to Europe, North and South America Asia and Africa. 

Instructionally, Duncan has taught all levels of flying from PPL to the Instrument Rating and, commercially, teaches initial phases of type ratings, operational conversion courses and CRM (Crew Resource Management) courses, including Single Pilot Resource Management and Aircraft Technical Subjects. 

Sam Scott

Sam has served in the Royal Air Force for 18 years in both Air traffic and Flight Operations. 

He has had his PPL since 2016 and is currently working towards his commercial licenses. He loves all things aviation related and can’t wait to be part of the team for the week!

Alec Walker

Alec is an Aviation professional, who has worked in flight ops and air traffic control, now he is a travel agent and photographer. In his spare time he is also a member of the photo team at the Royal International Air Tattoo.

Martin Pirie

Martin was born in Aberdeen, and has spent his life so far working in bars, clubs and eventually, Airlines (although that is on hold for a bit!). Managed around 2000 hours so far. Hopefully some more to come.

Kobi Le Cornu

Kobi is 19, and from the Channel Islands of Jersey (the better island). he currently works in Corporate Aviation with a PPL and a passion for aviation! He is aspiring to fly for a career and is honoured to be a part of a great team of great people!

Jon Paris

Jon started flying in 2007. Finally went down the commercial route in 2012. Almost 6 years experience flying the 737 but sadly now redundant. Anybody got a job?

Steve Riley

Steve is a retired First contact Practitioner Paramedic and lives in Shropshire.

Jason Lee

Jason like cameras, tea and McDonald’s.


Paul O’Sullivan

Jack of all trades master of none.

Marc Moskovitch

Marc works in the IT field, and loves anything aviation or tech-related. He is also a keen photographer.

Chris Novoth

Chris completed his ATPL(A) in January and has been keeping himself occupied in the Sim, as well as teaching! He loves nothing more than a raw data NDB Approach in IMC….

Matt Hindle

Matt has previously held a PPL fixed wing 25 years and been flying helicopters for the last 12 years on R22s. He can also often be found in the 737 Sim with Dunc. A build surveyor by trade, he is also doing a psychotherapist degree in his spare time. Which no doubt will be put to use during WorldFlight!